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Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed PsychologistLicensed Psychologist

Our Therapy


  Dr. Abramowitz has extensive experience working with teenage boys and girls facing a variety of problems. He accepts adolescent patients from age 14 through early adulthood.  During the initial assessment Dr. Abramowitz meets separately with parents and the teenage patient in order to gather history and develop a treatment plan that meets the needs of parents and teenager. Following the initial assessment, family sessions may be scheduled as needed.
•    Behavior problems
•    School difficulties
•    Family and peer relationships
•    Emotional adjustment
Young Adults
Young adults face a series of major challenges as they leave family and school to begin their adult lives. While in their 20’s, young adults take on responsibilities in several areas of their lives, including new work, social, romantic, and financial roles.  This is often a trial and error process, with more uncertainty and higher stakes than people have ever faced before.  Many young adults find they would benefit from a relationship with a supportive and understanding professional during this complex and demanding period.  Dr. Abramowitz has assisted many young adults as they work on developing the confidence, self-acceptance, and personal goals to become happy and successful adults. 
•    Relationships
•    Career
•    Family
•    Personal and professional difficulties


            Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment. Then he and the client develop a treatment approach that is best suited to the problems at hand. He may utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach for symptom resolution. Other patients prefer a more humanistic approach with an emphasis on insight and self-acceptance. 

•    depression 
•    anxiety
•    stress 
•    relationships 
•    work, and career issues
•    challenging life transitions.  

Premarital and Marital Therapy

    Couples who are struggling with unresolved disagreements and conflicts, communication difficulties, and relationship dissatisfaction will often benefit from marriage therapy. Dr. Abramowitz strives to create an environment where both men and women feel safe, respected, and comfortable expressing their needs and concerns.  

•    Communication and conflict resolution
•    Intimacy and emotional connection
•    Problem solving with financial, parenting, and family disagreements