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Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed PsychologistLicensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed PsychologistLicensed PsychologistLicensed Psychologist

We're Here to Listen


We're Here to Listen

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Meet Dr Abramowitz

 I am a licensed practicing Ph.D. psychologist based in Charlotte, NC. I have been working with individuals and families for the past thirty years. Over that time, I have helped thousands of people to resolve problems, work through life's difficulties, and learn to live, love, and cope more fully and effectively. My main areas of specialty include family distress, marriage and parenting problems, adolescents and young adults, stress management, depression and anxiety. I enjoy helping individuals and families navigate life changes such as balancing work and family, sex roles, and the economic challenges of the moment.
I begin with a comprehensive assessment. Then the client and I develop a treatment approach that is best suited to the problems at hand. I often utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach for symptom resolution. Other patients appreciate a more humanistic approach with an emphasis on insight and self-acceptance. 

Professional Biography

 Educational Background:
BA Oberlin College
MA University of Chicago
PhD Penn State University,
Human Development & Family Studies

Charles River Hospital, 
Wellesley, MA

Professional Experience:
Program Manager, 
Adolescent Psychiatric Unit
Presbyterian Hospital

Staff Psychologist
Marlborough Hospital
Gaston Memorial Hospital
Stanly Memorial Hospital

Supervision of Psychologists
Consulting mental health organizations